Old Oakland Color and Pattern

Date : April 12, 2017

Sunday afternoon I took a walk around Old Oakland, near Manifesta Salon on Broadway, where I will be leading a two Sunday workshop later this month.  I had camera in hand while aimlessly wandering the streets with my eyes open to color and pattern.  This is part of the practice i will be teaching in the Contemplative Photography Sunday workshops.  We will open to the world with fresh eyes to see and be fed by the richness ever present in the world around us.  It will strengthen your photographic skill as you strip away habitual patterns of seeing and notice when you are truly present with the moment.  There are infinite creative experiences to enjoy in the everyday world, if you just slow down to notice them.

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Paul Kane

See also texture via light, shade and shadows. Have a great day 🙏🌈👹🙈🙉🙊👹✌🌏🌎🌍✌🐯

9 months ago

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