Wakeful Art – My First Book Deal

Date : August 31, 2017

I am excited to announce that I have signed a book deal with New Harbinger Press, to write and illustrate a guided art journal of contemplative art practices. Everything I have been doing for the past 15 years or more is coming together in this auspicious opportunity, from my personal artwork, intensive meditation study in Vajrayana Buddhism, graduate work in contemplative art, teaching Shambhala Art and Contemplative Photography.  As many of my close friends know, these teachings, in particular the Dharma Art teachings, have been my passion.

Creating has been my core practice in all aspects of my life for decades, even before my interest in meditation, Buddhism, etc.  So this book will also reflect how creating matters and is key to living a fulfilling life, not just as an artist, but as an actualized human being. Through all of this life’s challenges, especially health concerns it has been the one constant that has made me resilient.  It has been part of my entrepreneurship, teaching, spiritual path and ministry for decades.

Now with early stage Parkinson’s Disease, I know I do not have forever to pass on what I have learned and inspire others.  So I am grateful for the chance to spread this message in writing. Now the fun of bringing thought into form begins.
This is to be an interactive, likely multimedia, journey/journal.

Publication is set for 2019.  The writing and illustrating will be a year long project. In the meantime, bills will need to be paid and other obligations met. I have received a small advance, but that will barely cover one month of expenses. To make this my primary focus, added support is essential.  I am investigating crowd funding with Patreon or something similar. It will allow me to offer exclusive perks and build community among my supporters.  Consider being part of the process as a patron.  I’ll be offering opportunities to preview material and provide feedback on the contemplations and exercises, as I create them. With Patreon, you’ll be able to contribute monthly at a level that is comfortable for you, starting as low as $1.00.  If you want to know more as I set up the site email me and sign up for my newsletter.

Consider being part of this project, to help others enhance their wakefulness, bravery and compassion through creating. That is my aim in writing Wakeful Art.

I am grateful to my teachers, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Marcia Shibata, Steven Saitzyk, Ruth Wallen, Lisa Stanley and all my students along the way. I hope to properly convey the depth and preciousness of this material to others, through this work. It truly woke me up and has enhanced my life and creative practice.

I am especially grateful to Ryan Buresh, the acquisitions editor at New Harbinger, who in seeing this website a year ago, decided to contact me to do this project! His gentle guidance got me to this point. We make a great team! Now back to writing the 35,000 words to make this a reality!

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Amy Henson

I love you girl. I want to donate to the support of your book project. Let me know I can just send a check directly if you want. Just need an address


4 months ago

    Thank you do much, Amy! I’ll email my address to you. Love you too! I am working on Chapter 3 – Settling the Mind. I am so grateful for your support. Sometimes it feels like I am speaking into a vacuum. To know that you care means a great deal to me. Your signed copy will be one of the first I send out once it is published in 2019!

    4 months ago

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