Space & Light – Seeing Fresh

Date : July 8, 2017

Yesterday was the last class in my latest series of Contemplative Photography classes taught in Berkeley.  The students made some wonderful work and discoveries as we explored the different elements of visual perception, color, texture, form, light and space.  With each week the elements became less solid and more ephemeral in nature, requiring the students to move out beyond the realm of things to seeing not rooted in objects.  All photography is about light. But this was not just seeing how things are lit, but emanations and echoes of light itself, which really requires being in the moment, for light is constantly shifting.

Extending beyond light, we moved into space itself, seeing how it surrounds and is between our experiences of objects.  This requires total relaxation and settling into a non-conceptual way of seeing.  Seeing and forgetting the name of what one sees.

Enjoy viewing examples of my own images from these assignments.  Thank you to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Michael Wood, Andy Karr, John McQuade and Miriam Hall for teaching me the power of seeing fresh.

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