About the process

  • You convinced me that this process works. Your method is very precise and disciplined. Very professional!
  • The process energized me! Your class helped me to clarify what I truly want and gave me the promise of attaining it.
  • I am motivated to continue because it feels like a very comfortable process.  It feels good.
  • I am motivated because it works!  This process was very valuable, since I sometimes have so many ideas coming in at once that I need focus.  I learned techniques and concepts to use in my entire life.
  • The process I learned will help in all areas of  my life – to be creative rather than reactive, more positive and more accepting of failures.
  • I am definitely motivated, because I want to change a number of things in my life and this process is workable and grounded!

About Rebekah

“She once told me she would always be “younger”! This was not just an obvious play on her family name but a simple spark of creativity.  This spark has been across the horizon of all of the works I have known her to do or produce since that time in late 1979. Ms Younger has taken on politics, commerce and more in her enduring practices. Her range of applications, studies and associations gives her a wide expanse of ideas, concepts, methods and pathways to be shared, harvested or simply appreciated.  Whether it be in art, education or advisor, Ms Younger is a solid and proven asset to those with creative interests and motivations.”

Prof. Turtel Onli  M.A.A.T.

“I am a working commercial artist and came to Rebekah with a creative block and lack of enthusiasm for what I was doing. Our session in her amazing work space left me impressed with the experience on many levels. I felt she listened deeply with the compassion and understanding [of] an artist, teacher, and spiritual seeker who has walked the path for many years. Her insights into how I was working (and not working) were both on the mark and out of the box. I came away with my creative vigor refreshed and a new understanding of what I need to connect with in order to regain artistic flow and passion for what I am doing. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a renewed connection with their artistic spirit. ”

Robyn A
Oakland, CA