Some of my experience with creating…

  • Bought a $65,000 DIY picture framing franchise with only $1,000 of my own money at age 23 and sold it at age 32 debt free and for more than double the purchase price as a top ten grossing store nationally in the franchise.  The store employed 7 full and part time employees, was open 7 days a week and 5 nights, moved or renovated 3 times, received Customer service awards and featured monthly art exhibits in its gallery for international and local artists for 5 of the 9 years, including my own art.
  • While owning the framing business, I served as President of the largest neighborhood Chamber of Commerce in Chicago and led the community through a community development block grant program to upgrade the business district with facade improvements and public art.
  • Innovated a knit and dye technique,that was published in Threads magazine article at age 40, as part of my next business, Younger Knits, begun at age 32.  My award winning designs were sold nationwide in fine craft shows and galleries, exhibited in museum shows of the art to wear movement and written about in craft collector magazines.  This business provided a full time livelihood until I retired from showing the work in 2011, at age 56.
  • Created spiritual community by leading church members through a creative visioning process that built caring and active participation among the membership.  The bonds built and shared collaboration carried the community through a major upheaval.  Many of those who participated in the process are still meeting regularly 25 years later, even though the original church is no longer in existence.  I was ordained as a minister at Unity of the Spirit in 1999.
  • Designed, exhibited and sold 1000’s of artworks, photographs and garments. Creating marketing materials, booths, art directing photo shoots and press releases for promotion of the work.
  • Prepared installations, videos and a written portfolio to accompany visual work for my Masters of Fine Art in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College.  This work included a more than 100 page illustrated portfolio/thesis on contemplative art and a separate self-published stand alone portfolio, Flash of Perception.
  • Created curriculum for classes, retreats and workshops in photography, knitting, creating, arts and meditation, which I taught through adult ed programs, community college, University continuing ed programs and Buddhist retreat centers.
  • Designed an interior decorating company, inSite Contemplative Design, redesigning and staging homes in Maine, Chicago and the Bay Area for satisfied clients.
  • And so much more…