What I offer

  • One to One mentoring sessions  to work with creative blocks, clarify desired results and bring into existence what truly matters to you through mastery of the creative process.  Ideal for creatives who need focus, are facing obstacles or lack clarity in any aspect of their life or process.
  • Classes to increase awareness of mental blocks to clear seeing that hinder creative output for creative professionals and companies.  Classes include contemplative photography, meditation and creating as a meditative practice.  Skills learned include deep listening to self and others, greater awareness of the environment, clear communication, greater ease with the open space of the blank page and how our projections hinder true learning and creativity.
  • Meditation instruction to strengthen mindfulness and awareness for greater skill in working with the world, ourselves and others as they are.  When we cultivate gentleness and open attention, we increase our capacity for awake and skillful action in the world.

What are the stages of the creative process?

  • Conceptualization – initial inspiration with a vague idea of what one wants to create for the love of seeing it exist
  • Desired Result – identifying the specifics of the result enough to know when you see it, regardless of circumstances.  Seeing it as a finished result, not a process.
  • Current Reality – Identifying what you have relative to the desired result as accurately as possible.
  • Action Steps – The structural tension of the gap between what you have and what you want holds the key to action steps and choices you can make to move towards the desired result
  • Choosing the Result – Formalizing the choice, not once but time and again, especially when obstacles arise, refining the vision based on new information and taking action.
  • Evaluate – Check your progress towards the result based on benchmarks and adjust your actions accordingly
  • Build Momentum – Use the energy of each completed action or choice to propel you forward to realization
  • Completion – Achieve the desired result and use the energy to carry into the next creation
  • Celebration – Honor the achievement and let go to allow new creations to arise.

These are not linear steps, but an organic flow that is unique to each creation and creator.  As much happens in the open space of “don’t know” as in the actions directed by the creator.  The key is to remain open to new information, inquisitive about your experience and confident in your ability to create.  I can help guide you through the experience based on the wisdom I have acquired from actively creating in all arenas of life.  I will listen carefully to your specific needs and help you to manifest in a way that best suits you.

Contact me for a free 1/2 hour introductory call.  Individual coaching sessions at $150/hour.  For classes check the Events pages or to host a class for your company, contact me directly for a quote.