Rebekah Youngercre·ate: verb
bring (something) into existence
cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions

What do you want to bring into existence or cause to happen?

Perhaps you just are not sure how to do it.

Maybe you think you can’t do it because you aren’t “creative” or “talented”.  You feel hampered by self doubt and limitation.  Creating is not just for artists, inventors or innovators.  We create with every choice we make, including no choice.  Learning how the creating process works will help you realize your vision.

My coaching offers you the tools to create what matters to you. I act as a companion and mentor along the way.

Listen to this podcast interview with Sara Fisher of Blue Lotus Films to learn more about my creating coaching work.

I offer creating coaching, classes and consulting for individuals and organizations interested in manifesting their own vision. What do you want to create? I can help you make it real!

What do you love enough to bring into being?

I have years of experience creating in all areas of my life and proven strategies I have used to create end results on both large and small scale projects, solo and in collaboration with others.  These are not magic tricks, but practical skills that can be learned by anyone.  Let me guide you through the process so you too can become a master creator.

Working together, I can help you…

  • Refine a vision you feel passionate about manifesting.
  • Identify resources in your current reality to assist you in realizing your vision.
  • Avoid sabotaging your process with habitual thinking that filters your view of reality.
  • Work with obstacles as an opportunity to refine and strengthen your vision.
  • Set markers along the path to measure your progress.
  • Build momentum by completing action steps along the way.
  • Maintain focus and set up a structure that leads to manifesting that vision.
  • Celebrate and use the success of one completed creation as a springboard for the next one.

80% of the time we are off course, but the skilled navigator knows when to correct the tiller to bring them back on track to reach their destination safely. My coaching services can act as your co-pilot.

I offer a variety of coaching options. In person or phone sessions, classes in the Bay Area and group visioning consulting for communities and organizations. Contact me to find out more.